Ted Roberts memories of the Henry Road

by Ter Roberts memories of the Henry Road

You get used to the war. I used to go to the … when we were here, we used to go to the, um, air raid shelter every night. It was,  as soon as the sirens went, we’d be off to the air raid shelter, and we’d got one in the post office that my father had built for the postmen and it was… used to smell horrible. It was like, damp and, but I can remember the smell. It was sort of new sort of concrete-y smell. But we used to go there and there was shrapnel and everything going everywhere, and of course there was guns right, in Henry Road. Guns. There was the big guns in, in, er, the playing field here. And my house was in Willard Road then, you see. I’d moved to, we’d moved to Willard Road, right next to, and the guns were so, so noisy that it used to nearly make the house shake. There was loads of girls, AT. Not ATS. Is it? Yes. They were there. The ATS girls all billeted there and there were the big guns there. I can remember that.

They had a searchlight there and they got a big gun there and they got a balloon there I think, out there as well. But of course they were trying to bomb… there. They did. They bombed the girls at one night. All the ammunition went up and you could hear the girls screaming. It was terrible. Could hear that.

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