A tablet/smart phone app has been devised as a geo-locative discovery experience. The participant can follow the map on the app to visit the different zones, collecting stories and photos, listening to extracts from the oral history interviews, and responding to questions to prompt discussion between the players. As zones are visited, levels can be unlocked. There is an offline version suitable for exploring when outside the area, and secret zones which can only be discovered when exploring in Yardley.A completely free download with no in-app purchases which is available on iOS and Android only.


is a partnership project between Mercurial Arts Charity and Oasis Academy Hobmoor, funded by Heritage Lottery Fund. Its aim is foster a love of heritage and deeper community connections in Yardley, enabling both adults and children to learn about their heritage and share their stories of moving to, and living in this area. The project has collecting stories, oral histories, photographs and 3D scans of objects from local residents as they share their memories of Yardley which can be found on the website, where you too can contribute and upload your memories.


The app is built using the Unity Game Engine and utilises various Unity Store assets and third party approved frameworks. The application requires a GPS connection to obtain your location and to update your position on the map. A data connection is recommended and enabled by default, to enable the downloading of map tiles to visualise the area you are walking in.

The Application requires access to your location settings only while IN USE in order to update your location in relation to the map and to obtain greater GPS accuracy. Your location IS NOT monitored when you exit the application.

The Application uses your data connection to download map tiles to display in the area you are located.
An offline map exists for the area of the Application only.
NO PERSONAL DATA is stored or used by the Application at all.
NO ADS exist within the Application.
NO third party data retrieval or monitoring is in use at all.
Unity collects Analytics and Crash Data but the information is anonymised and cannot identify the user.
Google Play collects Crash Data and Error Logs to report on any device failures but the information is anonymised.


YOUR USE of the Application is at YOUR OWN risk.

During the use of this Application please be aware of YOUR OWN surroundings and experience the area safely.

Be aware of other members of the Public within the experience area.

You agree that by using this Application, YOU accept full responsibility for all and any injuries that may occur through improper use.

You agree that YOUR USE of the Application will not inflict distress to any other member of the general public

YOUR USE of the Application does not allow you to infringe on any public laws and you agree to act lawfully during all use.

Mercurial Arts
Heritage Lottery Fund
Oasis Academy Hobmoor