Ted Roberts remembers shopping in Yardley

It was something to look forward to. We used to have our Saturday penny to go and spend. You could … two ounces a penny of sweets, you know, something like that. Can’t believe it, can you? For a penny. Um. It was busy time. There was …a block of shops that we were in. There was erm … Young’s is still there. That was on the corner of Flora Road and next was Derby’s on the other side, which was like a grocer’s shop and, um, then there was, there was… I don’t, can’t just remember what there was now. Oh, there was a draper’s shop next to us. Whitehouse’s, their name, and next to them was the café of my mother’s and the aunts, and then a florist that did, um, wreaths and things for funerals and next to them there was two houses before you got to the other shops, where there was Mr Scragg [ph] was the chemist.

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