Ted Roberts memories of Willard Road

by Ted Roberts memories of Willard Road

I was sitting in Willard Road but, um, my aunt was still at the shop. She had a, a … a what do you call it? An incendiary bomb go through the roof there straight into the toilet, into the upstairs toilet!

There was a lot of that. I had an incendiary bomb for a bit. Kept it. [Laughing] Shouldn’t have done. It hadn’t gone off . It was a… It hadn’t gone off and it was a long tube of, like, um, aluminium about … what? … fifteen inches long, with a thing at the top. I loved this thing.

And where did you find your bomb?

It was in the garden, I think. [Laughing] In the garden. But there was always shrapnel. I was always … we were always picking up shrapnel. What was nasty, though, was you’d go to school the next day and there’d be certain people that hadn’t come and they’d, they’d been killed.

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