Ted Roberts memories of his home life

by Ted Roberts memories of his home life

What was your home life like?

We’d got, we’d got a nanny… who used to push us out in the pram. I can remember that, being pushed out, but she always used to meet boyfriends and they’d talk for hours, and I’d all be watching these men’s spats. They all wore spats in those days on their shoes and looking away. ‘When are we going to see the ducks?’ you know. ‘We want to see the ducks.’ Supposed to be taking us down there. And I believe she lived in at the back in one of the rooms, a back room, and I learned afterwards that she used to sometimes get locked out and she’d have to climb up the, the pipe in the back to get into her room. They had those windows that you could push up and down, you see. Victorian sash windows.

I will say that, my father used to read every Sunday when we had Sunday tea after the… going to the Sunday school in the afternoon. We’d have tea at five o’clock and he’d read a bit of one of the classic books, you know. Kidnapped or something like that, or Treasure Island, and we’d all be there sitting up quiet while he read the lot. And I reckon he enjoyed doing it. He did. We all sat there and we couldn’t wait till next week for the next instalment to come.

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