Stuart Coyne talks about The Swan Centre

by Stuart Kine talks about The Swan Centre

The Swan, Centre as it was then, because all that was being, er, refurbished, in particular, the, Swan road underpass was being constructed, erm, as we moved in in 1966, and, also, the shopping centre, the old, this is the old Swan Cen, shopping centre, not the current one that’s there. So, erm, they were building, the big block of flats, which is, I think, is it, maybe called Bakeman House? That, erm, that was being built, the shopping centre around it was being built, and the underpass that leads down into Birmingham and out, towards Birmingham Airport was being constructed.

I suppose, er, it was, over the years… as I said, 1966, it was all new round The Swan. And like… any place that has been refurbished, for a… many a year after that, it was well looked after and, er, looked the part. But, I suppose, come, thirty years later, then, the general area and the shopping centre, were declining, shops moving out, boarded up, this sort of thing, which eventually led, er, to, it being, erm, re-developed, erm, and, knocked down and built into the new, shopping centre that’s there now, which is mainly, erm, a Tesco store.

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