Stuart Coyne memories of The Swan Indoor Market

by Stuart Kine memories of The Swan Indoor Market

There was, quite some, er, big name shops in those days. Er, I can’t remember the name of it now, the big… there’s a big bedding shop on the front, a bit like a DFS but, but it wasn’t, wasn’t called that but that, that type of, er… and then there was a, very big supermarket, again, I can’t remember the name of the supermarket, it wasn’t one of the big four or five. Erm, and that eventually, when the supermarket moved out, became the, erm, the, in, Swan indoor market, where they had little, little, erm… small shops within shop, within the big, footprint of the supermarket. I remember the, erm [Pause] bowling alley, they had a bowling alley there which had, never opened, because it was, erm, vandalised before it was opened. And, er, it was then subsequently, erm, er, stripped out, and it was, erm, made into a, nightclub that was called Bloomers.


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