Stuart Coyne memories of Lily Road

by Stuart Kine memories of Lily Road

One thing about the house, in Lily Road was it had lighthouse stairs. So, erm, you couldn’t get a stairlift or anything like that in, in the, er, going up the stairs, for my parents and they were, basically living downstairs with, with bed, a bedroom, erm, or, a bed, downstairs.

What do you mean by lighthouse stairs?

Er, they went round like that, in a spiral… yeah. In fact, that was one of the first problems we had [Chuckling], when we moved into the house. M, erm, my dad hadn’t, thought about that, and when the removal man, er, men came up from London, with all our, erm, furniture, er, a number of bits of furniture, they couldn’t actually get into the house [Chuckling], like wardrobes and a dining table, things like that. And so they ended up, in the back garden for a short while, and then, erm, they were sold to, a, a dealer because, erm, just couldn’t get them in the house.

[Chuckling], yes, it was then, you could park outside your house, lots of neighbours didn’t have cars, and so there was always, er, space available. You know, parking was never a problem, then. Er, of course nowadays, as we know, erm, most households have, you know, two, maybe three, or, or, even more cars than that and so, erm, roadside parking is quite a problem.

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