Sharonjeet Galsinh talks about heritage and changes in the community

by Sharonjeet Galsinh talks about heritage and changes in the community

What changes in the community have you noticed?

[Pause] I don’t know, erm… I think there’s a lot more Asian people now, ‘cause when I was growing up… I felt like we were the only Asian family, just a couple of families, which I had no problem with… but now I feel that there’s, there’s a lot more now. [Swallows] So, it’s got a different feel to it.

My dad is from, the Punjab, which is very north of India… erm and it’s like a little village so it’s quite the opposite to, where we live now… in the sense that it’s more, living off the land, there’s not traffic… . Erm, so when my dad come here as a child, you know, it was a big change for him, but, I think he really embraced the change and he was at the age where he could really appreciate it. And, er, my two grandfathers above me, mm, my granddad and my great-granddad, were both in, the British Army. So… we come to England through, through them like that, and erm, I think, growing up my dad thought he wanted to be part of the community simply because, his, his granddad was part of, the British side of things so, erm… I think maybe he wanted to give something back in that sense. But yeah, and now my dad’s pretty much like… a British guy, you know, he’s got a Brummie accent… and you wouldn’t think that he’s from India… he looks like he’s just born from here, although he wears a turban, erm, he still remembers his roots. But he’s pretty much, embraced the British lifestyle and the Brummie side of things and I think that’s great ‘cause… you know, he’s taken, he’s t, taken it all in, and he loves it. He’s got lots of friends, so it’s lovely [chuckles]. Yeah, it’s good.

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