Sharonjeet Galsinh memories of the Oaklands Park

by Sharonjeet Galsinh memories of the Oaklands Park

Erm… I, it’s the people I’d say… just, just going for a walk and saying hello to people, sometimes I could just walk to Oaklands Park, and I could, s, you know, what could be half-an-hour walk, could be a one-hour walk simply because I’m saying hello to lots of people along the way, having little chats, and not necessarily people from my childhood but new people as well, could be other dog walkers I’ve met along the way in the park.

I was always told not to go in the park because it wasn’t very safe, and so now when I go you’ve got like the er, play area and you’ve got the gym, and on a warm, day, you could get m, so many people like, 50, 100 people simply ‘cause there’s so many children there and their mums have come with the picnics and they’re sitting on the bench having a bite to eat, and you’ve got kids riding their bikes, got dog walkers, pl, people playing football.

And I actually designed the new logo that goes for the park, and the logo is actually, erm, trees that look like people, with their hands in the air which is a cl, represent branches, and the oak leaves, ‘cause it’s called Oaklands Park and it’s got oak leaves on the, oak trees. And so I’m a local person and I’ve created a, design that represents the park, a park for the local community. So it’s nice as a local person to have something that ties in with that, to have something that’s, on my doorstep that I can, call a little bit of my own.

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