Sharonjeet Galsinh memories of her parents shop on Clements Road

by Sharonjeet Galsinh memories of her parents shop on Clements Road

I’ve been living on the same road all my life and that’s Clements Road.

OK, well, I had, think I had really good childhood. My parents owned the local shop so, and we lived next to the shop so I have lots of fond memories of… going up in the shop

Er, it was just a small shop, it’s like a l, little corner shop. Erm… and it sold your everyday thing, so people used to come for their newspapers… erm, their bread, all the little everyday things that you wouldn’t go to the supermarket for. So… it was just a nice… feel, it was like a community place, people used to come in just for a chat sometimes

The street, I feel is a lot different now to what it was then because… erm, my dad’s shop, they’ve sold it… and the owners, the new owners, haven’t re-opened it. So it’s quite sad to see my dad’s shop, what was my dad’s shop, closed now.

And also the, we had a pub next door as well… erm, which… my dad used to go to now and then, and that’s closed as well. So, it’s, the community side of things has completely disappeared now… so I think that’s quite sad.

I think erm, people need something in the community that brings you together, and now it’s q, seems quite quiet on the road, as in before you, you could look out the window and people would always be walking past. So, and I think for the older generation it’s a shame because, they was retired and they just used to go for half a pint or just, have some lunch or something. So it’s quite a big change for them as well, and… you know, I don’t know what happened to them, I mean you, we don’t see them anymore so it’s quite sad.

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