Shamalha Zafir memories of The Swan Centre

by Shamantha Zafir memories of The Swan Centre

Erm, other than that, we’ve seen the change in the Swan. When I came in, to the Swan Centre wasn’t as it is now, it was, it was a whole different area. The whole, landscape has changed there, where Tesco is now, the Swan Centre. There was no petrol station there, it was just lots of, indoor markets, really. You go in and you go… and I think I, must have visited it a few times. But now that it’s a local Tesco, I’m there nearly other, every other day [Chuckles]. But [clears throat], that is a vast, vast change that’s happened. A new roundabout was built there, the new road layout, they cut through the landscape. But, it’s actually so lovely now and, it’s just so used, you, you just can’t remember what it was like then, but, you do know what it was like then. And I think [clears throat], that’s changed a lot in the sense that, we see a lot of different, erm, ‘cause at first, I thought, you know, with the Tesco being there, a, the local business are g, are gonna suffer. Yew Tree, was the local shopping centre, with, erm, maybe that’s going to suffer and… But no, I think the interest that you get from Tesco and people taking a drive down, you get more business drummed up in the area, so it has helped in the area as well.

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