Robert Jones memories of William Tyler

by Robert Jones memories of William Tyler

All the pubs have gone, so there, there’s more building than ever. It’s strange to think that Woolworth’s has gone and it’s a pub, William Tyler. You ever been in? You’ll have to go in, ‘cause it’s r, d, dedicated, to the Ty, W, Will Tyler. His kiln is inside, a model of it, and, and the map each side of the, of the, of the kiln, of, of the Middle Ages, of the district of Birmingham, Yardley, the old areas of Yardley, the names. Yeah, there, there’s a modern interpretation of, Catherine of Aragon, on tiles, in memory of, recognition of Will Tyler. Yeah. But it’s strange, you sit there, and you l, having your lunch, and you think, ‘This…’, you think, ‘That’s, used to be Woolworth’s and that’s where the tills were, and that’s where they had the, all the DVDs on the wall’, you know. And you think, ‘Oh, yes…’, it’s strange to think how, how things change, yeah.

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