Pauline Wards memories of cars

by Pauline Wards memories of cars

So when you first moved into Stoney Lane was it, I take it the r, roads were a lot quieter then?

Yes, yes, yes.

Not so many cars?

No, no, no. Erm we now have erm, just down the road from where I live, we now have a, er an old folks er residential area which is very nice, it’s, comes onto er Marlborough Cricket, Ground…erm, that’s really nice, that, that’s, but that doesn’t cause any, ‘cause no, you know hardly anybody up there has got cars. I mean I’m not against cars at all but… you know it’s, it’s so q, q, noisy. Police cars tearing up all day, all night, ambulances, it’s, but apart from that. I don’t suppose I shall live anywhere else except Stoney Lane.

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