Pauline Ward memories of Yew Tree Pub

by Pauline Ward memories of Yew Tree Pub

So where did you first start working at The Yew Tree?

Er I started work er in, ah 1980, ur, eh, er it was called Yew Tree Pharmacy, Allsop & Burley. Er I started there as erm [Tut] just part time in the evenings, six o’clock till seven [chuckles] and er Wednesdays it was four-thirty till seven. And er I was just, er there was a, like there was a, a pharmacy and the drugs counter and then there was the er other till that, which was by the door, as you walked in by the door; we s, sold all the sundries and all the hair and products and deodorants. And I worked on that till for a while and then I worked myself up to a dispensing assistant. [Tut] Yes. And I left there in 2002, I retired, ‘cause I was sixty-two then. And then, I went, I went to work for this pharmacy four years later, in 2006 to do er a maternity cover for a lady that works here with me now. And er I stayed there, er after that and then in er 2009 we were in The Swan, we were in The Swan Centre then and then er I had to er, we had to go because, they were doing the rebuilding. But we were the only shop left, the only chemist left because of the, the flats, nearly everybody in the block of flats there came to us, so we stayed open.

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