Pauline Ward memories of the redevelopment of The Swan Centre

by Pauline Ward memories of The Swan Centre

How did you feel about them, redeveloping the S, Swan Centre?

Oh I think they should’ve just… made it better than it was ‘cause it was, it was, it was like erm a community centre more or less because you’d got the café and the people used to sit outside, there was a bingo hall, and er it, it was, and then the indoor market and then the outdoor shops and it was so, it was so busy, so bustling. I mean you’d go in the market and you’d be walking along the aisle and say you’re four deep and you’d be… you know, just trudging along because there were so many people in there. [Tut] And then course it, it ee er it hit a lot of problems with the er development, they had to do the, the, one of the things in the contract was that the, all the flats had to be er re-done, er all double glazed, everything had to be done and so it was a long, long time. I mean it was, I don’t know uh ooh, I can’t remember how many, uh ooh it was, b, nearly two years before, before erm [Tut] we came down h, you know when it opened, we came down here. Mm

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