Mully Murray memories of The Swan Market

by Mully Murray memories of The Swan Market

The whole area had character, ‘specially with The Swan there, that lovely black and white timbered building. If people were meeting one another, it would be, ‘I’ll see you outside The Swan’

the, locals weren’t too keen. The Swan Market, the, the indoor market that they built, er, because e, eventually the Cavendish closed, it became a bingo hall and then you’d got, also got the indoor market. Now, that was popular, to start off with, and then, in the end, er, that sort of, died a death. But, generally, people felt that they’d more or less, er… it, it’s strange to say, you, when you regenerate, it’s like the back-to-back houses. You take the heart out of the place, and I think that is what’s really happened with The Swan,

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