MrsBano memories of Oasis Community Centre

by MrsBano memories of Oasis Community Centre

Oh, lots of things are going on in there but the more successful is the ladies’ night, where, where, when you can only have ladies only and you can dance, you can chill, you can have foods, you can chat. You can sing, whatever you want to do, it’s the, it’s something we…. mm, we don’t have before this. So I think this is the thing really good. And English, we are doing English, Maths and different courses and social, mental development and erm, mm… and parties, Eid parties, mehndi, the Summer Fair, Christmas Fair. These all things are happening in the [5:50] community.

When I came to, mm, first time in Oasis …when my son join in 2002, people were talking and I couldn’t understand what they are saying. So I, uh, but when I took part in classes and coming and listening to other people and then I observing lots of things. And now, you can see, I can speak English.

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