Molly Murray memories of Tivoli Cinema

by Molly Murray memories of Tivoli Cinema

Well, well the Tivoli ci, er, cinema, as I remember it… uh, of course the seats weren’t as comfortable… as, er, as they are nowadays, and, they were usually the s, the, the, uh, the type of seats they had were those that, that lifted up. You just touched them and they lifted up. And if you were, erm, if you were with a, a, boyfriend and he, he, he tried to put his harm, his arm around you and pull you to him, you’d lean on him but the, the arm would be digging in, the side of you. And you didn’t like to offend him by saying, ‘Ooh, do you mind taking your arm from there’, but it used to dig in. And of course, no carpet on the floor and it was all… er, it was quite plush in there, erm, as in the, er, th, the, sort of, er, decorating, the paintwork up the sides. And of course, er, you’d have the, er, the lady in the Box Office at the front issuing the tickets. You’d get the usherette walking backwards, two usherettes, one down each aisle, walking backwards with the ice creams at the interval. And if you were lucky an, er, er, lucky, your boyfriend might buy you an ice cream ‘cause we girls were only on half pay then. W, we, we didn’t have equal pay in those days.


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