Molly Murray memories of The Yew Tree Shops

by Molly Murray memories of The Yew Tree Shops

I remember a, a lot about the Yew Tree, about the shops there because we, still had e, errands to run for Mum. Even though we went to work, we would go up to George Mason’s to get the groceries, er, in the days when there was a chair in there. So if a customer felt like sitting down and giving out the order, er, the gentleman or the lady who was serving, who wore white coats, would just get everything for us. Of course later on, er, you had Fine Fare, which was self-service, and Woolworths became self-service. And, the lots of shops that were there that have gone now – er, Radio Rentals, because people tended to rent a television then because they were quite expensive, and, erm… there was also a Wimbush’s the cake shop on the corner.

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