Mary French talks about the decline of The Swan Market

by Mary French talks about the decline of The Swan Market

It just became… more, erm… the market became more, sort of, neglected and derelict. Erm, stalls were closing down left, right and centre.

I remember it like that, yeah, I remember it like that.

Shops outside were closing down.


People were getting, particularly the shops on the outside of the market, people were getting very… erm… unsettled and worried because they basically weren’t making the rents. And, erm, then, I think, Celebration Caterers went, then the… erm… florist went, then the travel agents went. Erm… the clothes shop went. The ex-catalogue shop went [chuckling].


Erm… GDS was one of the few to hang on ‘til the end, as were Warnley’s [ph], the furniture store. Erm… the greengrocer’s stuck it out to the very end.

So these were all shops in, in, in the precinct, rather than in the market.

In the precinct, rather than the market, yeah.

Yeah, yeah.

And the market was just… it was, it was sad.

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