Katrina Jones memories of Yew Tree Pub

by Katrina Jones memories of Yew Tree Pub

I remember years ago on the corner there was the, um… was it the air… It was an electrical, great big electrical store. I don’t… EM… IMB or EMB or something like that. It was an electrical store and they sold, I remember they sold all electrical gadgets underneath but upstairs it was where they used to demonstrate… er, food and that. And I remember [laughing] when I lived in Acocks Green I went to school in Hall Green and they sent us all, on, by bus, to the Yew Tree, why the Yew Tree I don’t know. Anyway, we came all on the bus to the Yew Tree and upstairs they did us a cookery demonstrate, er, demonstration. And, er, we all had to sit there and I remember going home with loads of leaflets on different things they’d got displayed there. But, er, she showed us how, er… I mean, you know, we never had, um, a food mixer, we never had, um, a shredder or, you know, all these, um, mechanical, electrical things. We never had none of that at home. So it was lovely to just go along and for them to demonstrate on how they were used and what they used them for. And it was lovely to see that.

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