Katrina Jones memories of The Swan Island

by Katrina Jones memories of The Swan Island

I used to visit a friend that lived on Hay Mills Hill, at the bottom, the bottom of the hill. And I used to walk up here to catch the eleven to Acocks Green. I remember the office block being built, and I remember there was a lot of, um… a lot of building going on in that area at the time, which… which was the Swan Island. But… did, little did I realise where, that I would be living this side at the time. Because where Farmfoods is now, that used to be a car… car showroom, er, used to sell cars there. Then that changed to B&Q, and then from B&Q I think it went to Farmfoods. Oh yes, Staples, that’s right. It was B&Q, Staples, then Farmfoods.

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