Kathleen Broadfield remembers her school days

by Kathleen Broadfield remembers her school days

Went to [Clears throat], went to Redhill Primary, and, loved it! Er … I was a tomboy, so erm, I used to sort of, play football with the boys. I used to, always want to wear trousers because I wanted to be [Laughing] a boy. Erm … and we just … played football and played games and everything. Erm, I was the only, to begin with the only black girl in the class, and again in the playground there used to be a lot of sort of name calling and erm … and stuff. Which wasn’t nice but … we’d come home and we’d sort of tell mum and dad, and they’d just sort of say, ‘Just take no notice. Just they’re ignorant.’ So we’d just sort of, go with the flow as it were really.

Oh, it, we always used to erm, in the morning you used to erm have to line up and then they rang the bell and you went in, and we always used to sing a, hymn in the morning, erm, Morning Has Broken, erm, in assembly. And then you always had like a prayer and a reading, erm, and then they’d sort of er, you’d go into your classes.

I remember … ch, erm … being the only, up until b, b, top two years of junior, being the only black girl in my class, and then three black boys came like later on, so there were four of us, in the class. And then I remember … in the last year of school a, an Asian girl came

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