Kathleen Broadfield memories of The Bull´s Head

by Kathleen Broadfield memories of The Bull´s Head

Holland and Aitchinson, yeah, but it’s Boot’s now, isn’t it? That’s right. That used to be, that used to be a pub, erm, that was the … the bull. And we used to go erm there, and sometimes we’d go under age, you know. [Laughs] And then on a Sunday there’d be a disco and that’d be really good because, it was funny because they used to play, on Sunday night it was reggae night, so there’d be … m, me, my brother and like a couple of other … erm, erm friend, black friends, and then … the Skinheads! [Laughs] And we’d like have danceoffs and that, but it was all like good humoured. It was like, really good.

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