Kathleen Broadfield memories of Elmdon Park

by Kathleen Broadfield memories of Elmdon Park

We used to make go-karts, er, go round scavenging for like wheels and like erm the old crates, soap box, i, and the, fruit boxes, and like … have races down the road with the erm, go-karts. I c, er, what else did we used to do? We, och… used to, you know, bikes, we used to be on bikes and if you didn’t have a bike you sat on somebody else’s bike. And we used to sort of go up to our, d, ride bikes up to Elmdon Park and catch erm [Laughs], catch sticklebacks [Laughs] in the erm, thing, and then, we’d nab a basin, an old sink, erm… and erm bring ‘em home, and of course they’d always die, the fish, because [Laughs] it was like not running water!

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