Kathleen Broadfield memories of Deakins Road

by Kathleen Broadfield memories of Deakins Road

So coming back to Yardley, what do you think are the biggest changes in the area that, since when you were small?

Well, obviously the traf, you know, traffic, the erm, all the roads have sort of been [41:31] off, erm, the erm … the, the racial mix of the community has changed. When we moved in it was all, w, we were the only black family in the road and, not many, there was only one other black family in Deakins Road, and then er, two in Deakins Road after a few years. So … now it’s sort of erm, there are not as many white people … in the area, it’s mainly Asian, few West Indian but not that many. Traffic, loads more traffic, erm … [Pause] a m, ay, ah, more sort of … fast food sort of shops, erm, the, erm mobile phone f, shops and … stuff. Whereas before it used to be, as I say, the butcher’s, the greengrocer’s, fishmonger’s, specific shops, but it’s all like fast foods and … quick sort of supermarkets and … stuff. Second-hand shops.

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