Kathleen Broadfield memories of Adelphi CInema

by Kathleen Broadfield memories of Adelphi CInema


I always remember my dad always used to, you used to have to erm, earn things, so if at home we had h, housework to do, so we’d have to like tidy our bedrooms and clean up, and we used to get pocket money and the pocket money was we got erm … something like sixpence or something like that, I can’t remember, but the Adelphi Cinema at the top of erm, on the Coventry Road, just over the road, where they had Saturday morning erm pictures, we used to have our money and we used to sort of, a Saturday morning we’d be polishing everywhere so we could get our pocket money and then go to the pictures. but we alw, you know, if we hadn’t … w, erm, done the washing up properly or what have you, we got less pocket money, so you know, we’d always sort of try really hard.

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