Joseph Broadfield memories of The Swan Centre

by Joseph Broadfield memories of The Swan Centre

So when you used to go and visit your nan, did you ever go off to the local area, to the local shops? The Swan Centre?

My, used to go to the Swan Centre with my auntie. She, she loves a bargain, she loves shopping and she, [Chuckles] she’d take us round and visit every, every market stall, every shop two or three times, looking for all the different things that she wanted to buy. Different sort of handbags, fashion, those sorts of things [Chuckles]. But I don’t rea, I don’t really remember going to do much with my nan, it was more with my auntie. We’d [Chuckles] go to the Swan Centre.

So can you, you tell me what the Swan Centre was like when you, used to go there?

When I used to go it was, it was, it was like an indoor market, and it was just like the smell, if you remember like there’s the fish counter and, and all different sort of erm … erm material market, so things like Asian heritage erm clothing, er … I remember the little computer game stall there, and my nan would often sort of … be it for my birthday, as a little treat she’d get me a computer game for the Gameboy and that sort of stuff.

Do you think it’s improved for the better or do you think that … it was better before?

I remember going, I’m not sure if it’s just one of my … you goes with your auntie and she’d be having banter with the people in the shops, she obviously knew them. Someone would be talking to people and you, you’d have that ability to strike up, that relationship. You might see them in church on a Sunday. You might, you might have gone to school with them thirty-odd years ago. You might know their sister, you might know their nan. That sort of thing and you, you had that sort of personal relationship.

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