Faith Ryan – why she loves the place she lives.

Oh, for me, erm w, without a doubt the familiarity and the neighbourliness. I love the fact that I know who my neighbours are, that I’ll pop in and have a cup of tea, erm, that if if I need something taken in then somebody’ll take it in for me. Erm, when my mum was ill, if an ambulance came to the house one of my neighbours would come round and say, ‘Is your mum alright? We saw her ’ so that. The friend you, know, the friendliness. I’d consider two or three of my neighbours I’d consider them to be friends.

The other thing that’s ah that’s changed, I should mention as well, is gardens. When I lived there people took a great pride in their gardens, they were beautifully, really well kept, privets were trimmed to within an inch of their life, erm, borders were well-flowered, lawns were v, very well-manicured. And now, erm, they’re, quite badly overgrown, you can’t walk up and down the street because of the privets overhanging the pavement. And that sort of pride in the area has gone.”

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