Faith Ryan memories of Hobmoor Pub

by Faith Ryan memories of Hobmoor Pub

OK, so a huge change… there was a huge change, there was a pub called the Hobmoor pub which was demolished and houses were built. And I can remember when that pub was there, Friday and Saturday night was very entertaining. Nobody in my house drank ‘cause my mum… my mum and dad had separated, erm, but there would be almost Andy Capp style fights going up the road home from the pub at sort of ten, eleven o’clock at night on a Saturday night. I can remember, erm, one fight outside what was there then was a chip shop. So there was the pub, a chip shop and a corner shop, and outside the chip shop there was a fight and sadly a young man lost his life and a lad who lived round the grove from me was convicted of his murder. So… so there was a lot of drink related violence that you would see. I wasn’t disturbed by it but it was, it was certainly there. So the pub’s gone now so you don’t see that. Erm, the chip shop’s gone now and the corner shop has gone, they’ve all been replaced by housing.

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