Elaine Shearmen talks about Warwell Lane

by Elaine Shearmen talks about Warwell Lane

So when you, you left your nan and granddad’s, where did you go to then?

We went to live in Warwell Lane which is the next road to Clay Lane going towards the Swan. [Draws breath] And when we moved there we hadn’t been there very long and, eh, the Coventry Road, when I, first moved into Warwell Lane, and for, well, when I lived in Preston Road, was just one, eh-erm road, one lane going towards town, one lane going towards Sheldon. Then they erm, there was all development then to build a new road, so at the bottom of mum and dad’s road, about eight houses on either side had to be, demolished to make way for the road, which was a shame really because they was elderly people and they’d got to leave their home. They’d probably lived there for years and years. And there was houses on the Coventry Road as well, I mean on the Coventry Road there was Walls’s, the ice cream factory on there, erm just down, just by coh, erm Clay Lane, between Clay Lane and mum’s road. And erm, Christmas they used to have a great big Christmas tree, with all lights on and in the summer they used to come round, the ice cream man used to come round on a bike and he used, at the front he used to have li, a fridge and that’s when you got your ice cream. So that all had to be knocked down, erm, to make way for the Coventry Road as it is now to go towards town.

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