Elaine Shearman remembers her school days

by Elaine Shearman remembers her school days

What school did you go to, Elaine?

I went to er, Church Road School.

What did it look like?

It was an older school and it used to have erm, grey, er, brown, sorry, brown erm like paint all, all in the hall and in the classrooms. Erm, I don’t, I think it was a thing then that everything was dark, even houses was all dark, so it was all dark with the wooden floor, a parquet floor. It was erm, and we used to have desks, wooden desks that you lifted the lid up and there was, erm a place for ink pot, we never had ink, ink then but we had the wooden desks and wooden chairs. And in the win, we used to have milk, we used to have a bottle of milk and in winter, if it was frozen, which nine times out of ten it would be frozen, you used to have to put it on the radiator to thaw it out. We never had a toilet in school, we used to have to go outside to the toilet so if it rained, snowed, whatever the weather we went outside to the toilet. The toilets were cubicles but when you come out to wash your hands it was all in the open.

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