Elaine Shearman memories of Deakins Road

by Elaine Shearman memories of Deakins Road

So what was, what as Deakins Road like when you first moved onto here?

Deakins Road was, erm, very quiet road, there was no cars in Deakins Road at all, no cars at all. If there were y, they were very lucky to, to have a car. Now, everybody has a car now, you know, the, the son, the daughter, the hus, you know, the mum, the dad. So erm, that’s, that’s the main thing with erm, I think with Deakins Road, is there’s a lot of cars. Well it’s, there’s a lot of cars everywhere. But erm, got some nice neighbours, nice Asian neighbours, erm, very nice, get on very well with them. So it’s a mixture now in the road.

And when you first moved in it wouldn’t have been like that?

No. No, there was just erm, it was, there was a few Asians, er but not very many.

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