Debbie Norrey memories of The Yew Tree Pub

by Debbie Norrey memories of The Yew Tree

So did you go out to The Yew Tree when it was, was the old pub?

No. I went there occasionally when I was erm a teenager with my sister, ‘cause they had a big, big room on the back of the pub called the Rio Grande and on erm, well, I used to go down on a Sunday occasionally with my sister, it was a heavy rock night, erm, so they used to erm [Pause] have like a heavy rock disco thing in there. Not really my thing … but she used to take me when her friend wasn’t going or something like that. Erm … yeah, a lot of head banging went on in there! [Laughs] It was just sort of like [Draws breath] OK! [Laughs] So yeah, that was interesting. They used to have a bowling green on the back of there as well. From what I remember it was a nice, nice pub. Did used to go up to the Ring of Bells as well sometimes, when we were teenagers, and that was just on Church Road, er, just again just up by Queen’s Park. Beautiful old, old pub that was. Lovely pub. Old black and white building, huge. Nice little rooms off it. Erm [Pause] yeah, and they pulled that down as well. That, but that’s recent, that wasn’t actually that long ago. They closed it and then it stood empty for about two years before they actually pulled it down. Er, shame, nice pub. Nice pub.

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