Debbie Norrey memories of The Swan Market

by Debbie Norrey memories of The Swan Market

So how was it laid out inside?

Inside the market?


[Pause] Mah, you went through the doors and it was like any market. [44:01 inaud] all to your left, all to your right, all in front o’ ya, you know, so you’d have stalls up against the walls.

In a grid.

And then you’d have stalls … er, e, in between. So you’d just sort of walk round it like you would at like the Bullring market. Erm, we used to go over … to the key cutter when we needed new keys for the library, somebody started and they needed keys or something, they used to go over to the key cutter, get our keys cut there. Erm [Pause] oh you’d take your shoes to be repaired there. … So it was, I mean it was South Africa big space. I don’t remember everything that was in there. And then over time, a lot of stalls started to close, ‘cause obviously they were talking about this redevelopment and all the rest and then they gave a closing date for the market, not the shops but for the market, so eventually they closed the market, so that was gone. Erm, and three of them from the market, which was the key cutting guy, the wool lady and the jewellery lady … took on one of the shops in the precinct, erm, called themselves The Swan Trio, so they opened in there.

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