Debbie Norrey memories of The Old Swan

by Debbie Norrey memories of the Old Swan

Erm [Pause] concrete jungle. Like most sixties buildings. Erm … so [Pause] if you were on the Coventry Road heading towards erm … Sheldon, er, they’re like a little, there was a Farm Foods on, on the front, so you had your Farm Foods on the front, the Coventry Road was there, there’s Farm Foods, then there was a little cut through there. Or you could walk, round the other side, of Farm Foods, erm, and get into it either way that way. [Coughs] So if you came under the underpass, if you went to the right you were walking down the Coventry Road, that was Farm Foods, and if you went to the left, and went round the other way where there was the, the, they had the chemist on the corner … so you had the chemist on the corner, next to the chemist was the Catering, erm which used to do all sandwiches and everything in there, and … n, next … next to that might have been the butcher’s … or there might have been a shop in between that and the butcher’s, I can’t really remember. Then there was the café, and then there was the green grocer’s on the corner. But then I always get a big confused ‘cause I’m not r, sure if the green grocer’s were on the other corner, maybe just two green grocers. So you, then you’d go down, then you’d have the in shops there, so you’d go in, into the in shops.

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