Debbie Norrey memories of the community changes

by Debbie Norrey memories of the community changes

Oh, the community erm, the community is changing in Yardley. When I moved into … when I moved into Stuarts Road there was … er … trying to think … um … [52:46 inaud] majority white, was, majority white, white people there, erm, there was Sandra and her mum on the corner, who were a black, they were a black family, but they’d been there, I think Sandra was [Pause] brought up there and she’s the same age as me! And she still lives there now! Erm [Pause] when Lloyd and his, his wife moved, I can’t remember her name, they were mi – well Lloyd was black, she was white. Erm … but no, it was majority white. Then as I was sort of moving … not long before I moved out, you know, you sort of notice the, s, a couple more Asian families started to move in. I noticed it a lot more down the Beardsley Green Road, to, to be honest with you, because of me moving down that way over the years. [Tut] and I lived in, in erm Whitehall Road at the top of Bordesley Green, the road was very mixed, so it was very erm, very mixed between erm Asian and white families …

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