Claristine Allen talks about the house fire.

Eventually her erm, we had a small, fire, upstairs in the front bedroom. I don’t know if you, you remember, the, e the, eh, what you call it the heater, you know the not Calor Gas, the paraffin,

paraffin heater, yes. We had one of those. And er you, light it to keep warm in the bedroom which, you have t, sometime you have to turn it up and trim it off for it to burn properly. Anyhow, it so happen that a, every so often
I used to have to go upstairs, have a look and see if it’s burning alright. Well, when I went upstairs, that time, it wasn’t, it was flared up, I call my husband.

Well, I try to uh, put it out, got a bath towel, wet it, and put it over it for it to go out but it didn’t so I called my husband. He came upstairs and he had a fire extinguisher, tried to put it out, but it didn’t, work. So he picked the, paraffin, up by he, the handle and coming down the stairs with it, well, he dropped it, and the stairs was all burnt like.

Anyway, two other… n neighbours came and help him put the fire out. It wasn’t that, big fire as such. [Draws breath] And erm when the ambula, when the fire brigade came the fire was almost out. Anyhow, d, the ambulance people were there and everything, and they ask er, if you want to go to, no, they said they’re going take him to the hospital. He said no, he didn’t want to go, he was alright. Well, they persist on him to go, so he went. So, when he, he went, they said it was just for observation, he would come out the next morning.

Anyhow the neighbours and everybody, they were very good to me and whatnot. Had the funeral, they had, they had collection, pick up collection for us and whatnot.”

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