Claristine Allen talks about moving to Yardley

by Claristine Allen talks about moving to Yardley

I was married in the West Indies, start from there. And Kathleen, that’s, she was born there, and then my husband came over 1954, he send for us 1955. My father came along with us as well. And erm, when we came it was, [Chuckles] I was very disappointed. I thought erm, England was a l, lot better thing, all paved with gold, all things like that. I was shocked when I come and see [Chuckles] what it were like. Because in the West Indies, especially, white people there… they worked for them, the coloured people work for the white people ‘cause the white people never do any, they do like office work and things like that. So when I came over here and seen the white people working I was shocked, I couldn’t believe [Chuckles] couldn’t believe my eyes.

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