Claristine Allen talks about finding a place to live

by Claristine Allen talks about finding a place to live

My husband, when he came over here there was a vicar, were in Montserrat and they keep in touch when he came back over, the vicar, they keep in touch with him. So when he to come over, the vicar put my husband up, and then they had to, he had to get somewhere for us to, live and that was in erm Cannon Hill near, near the park, Cannon Hill Park. Can’t remember th, the name of the road. … No, I tell a lie, I was in erm… what’s is the … Cambridge Road, I think it, that was. And er, when er, w, went there it was in a basement and all round the wall was wet and damp. And er, I think the landlord, he had a, it was he, the landlord h, house, and he had another house where he were living in. We stayed in this r, room I think it was just for a week. I think he felt sorry for us having a young baby in a damp place like that, so he gave us a room where he, live, which it was a lot better. But the one room you have to do everything and whatnot, and erm, he had other people living in the place. It was very hard, we, for other people when they come, one room, so many people live in the one room. Because erm, the next thing, you couldn’t get erm… prr, it was hard to get anywhere to live anyhow because they didn’t want er, David said, ‘They don’t want any blacks’ so. And Irish, and especially if you have children, that even worse.

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