Claristine Allen talks about being the first black family to move to Deakins Road

by Claristine Allen talks about the first black family in Deakins Road

Did you have any, any problems with the neighbours because you were the first black family?

No, I didn’t have any d, any problem with the neighbours, yeah, they was alright, especially next-door there, an old lady were living there named Mrs Campbell [ph], she was very nice and erm, anything, some, she have a stairs come up, by the, you, if you would look out there you could see the house there and she is usually up there, open the window and say, ‘Hello!’ And we say, ‘Hello.’ And they, if we, if she want anything done she’ll call my husband, my husband would go and do it for her. She was very nice, yeah.

Were you quite apprehensive though, moving into a predominantly white area?

Yes, er, I had no problem really er, but then again I didn’t erm, go out much, I didn’t work, and so I can’t say, but from experience with other people, you know, they had problem but, I didn’t have any problem living here with the neighbours. Another neighbour over the road, she is very good with, because when we had the fire I think two of the children stayed there

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