Changing face of Yardley by Mrs Jean Corns

We moved into Yardley in 1978 because we felt that it was a lot greener and quieter than where we previously lived which was in Sheldon in a flat on the Coventry Road. We felt that Yardley had more of a village feel to it. When I went to the Yew Tree there was every shop imaginable which were privately owned including the ironmonger, five butchers, two big greengrocers the pet and plant shop, the shoe repairer, the haberdashery and Woolworths. These shops were mostly family orientated and of course knew their customer’s. Sadly today we have betting shops, charity shops, fast food retailers, estate agents, there is only one butchers and greengrocers left but the plant and pet shop have remained. Originally there was a co-op at the Yew Tree which closed but returned about ten years ago.
We use to sit in our back garden and friends couldn’t believe we were on a main bus route because of how quiet our garden was. Unfortunately it is not the same today with the amount of road traffic and plane noise from the airport.
When I first moved in I had a daily delivery of milk to the doorstep and a daily paper even at Christmas. Alas again this is a thing of the past.
My son attended Hobmoor School which then was at the back of the Yew Tree public house but has now moved to the junction of Hobmoor Road and Wash Lane.
As time has passed the changes around Yardley included a multicultural society, more traffic, less cleanness. It has lost its village atmosphere and its community spirit.

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