Barbara smith, age 82

Went to school and Pitmaston secondary. We had a separate entrance for boys and girls. I had to walk to school. I lived in Gospel Farm rd, I walked up then down Mapleton Rd into Pitmaston Rd. I was the school captain of the sports and we did cookery and house wifery.

When I was six I was evacuated to Wales. All I can remember was being on the station with my label. My mum was a billiting officer. I was billeted with two old ladies and they used to tell us stories about the bogey man. My sister was next door. The woman’s husband worked down the pits and used to come home black. Our health suffered as they weren’t very nice to us and my mum got us moved to live with pastor George Jeffreys, who belonged to the Elam church. And we spent the rest of the time with my sister there. I vividly remember th dress Jeffreys’ wife made for me. It was blue dress with a velvet bollero jacket and a tie around the waist. We had a happy time there, so much so that our mother named our younger brother George after Jeffreys. We were fortunate that our mum was down in the area as we got to see her. we came back in 1943

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