Anne Norrey remembers her school days

by Anne Norrey remembers her school days

I started off going to Church Road School which was opposite. I didn’t like school from the word go. And I was there till just before I was seven when dad came out of the army and they bought a house in Gleneagles Road. And I moved there and then I went to Cockshut Hill School. And I was in the infants there for about six months, then went into the junior school and I was there all through my schooling.

Oh, very strict, really. You know, you never answered the teachers back. Er, if there was one of you in the class, I can remember, that had got the cheek to answer the teacher back, you know, and we all used to think that was hilarious. But I mean, on the whole, you wouldn’t have said boo, you know, it was… But it… you know, you got through it and, er, thinking back, really, I think it was nicer sometimes than what it is today.

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