Anne Norrey memories of Woolworths

by Anne Norrey memories of Woolworths

Well [pause] [sighs] the Yew Tree itself , there used to be the old Yew Tree pub that has been pulled down, that’s in recent years, I think. But the, the bank… ‘cause, as I say, that used to be a field, erm, where the flats are now and then we used to go up there and there was the bank wall and we used to play handstands on this bank wall. And then you’d come out by the bank and there’d be some shops there, erm… and it was the old Post Office and, er, the seed shop which, erm, is only in recent years, given up, I believe, the seed shop. It was there, I mean obviously not the same people but, same business. But yeah, erm… The Woolworths, there used to be the Woolworths which was great, you used to go in there and… with your pocket money,

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