Anne Norrey memories of Tivoli Picture House

by Anne Norey memories of Tivoli Picture House

There was the Slater’s Dairy and a little hairdresser’s, I think, there. Erm, and then there was nothing there, I believe there’s a bank and that there now, but there wasn’t anything there. There was the Tivoli Picture House where the bank is, yeah. And we used to go to the Tivoli Picture House on a Saturday morning with your sixpence, you know, queue up outside and see the children’s matinee every Saturday morning, that was nice. Yeah. And I used to do that on my own. I’d go from Harvey Road, been, and I’d say, erm … and quite often I’d be standing in the queue and there’d be drains and I’d lose me sixpence down the drain so I’d have to go home, and say, ‘I’ve lost me sixpence mum, can I have another one?’ And of course I suppose sixpence was a lot of money for them then. Er, sometimes I got it and sometimes I didn’t, it depended

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