Anne Norrey memories of Hardings Bakery

by Anne Norrey memories of Hardings Bakery

That’s right, Harding’s Bakery, that was up Church Road at the b, at the top. And we’d walk up past there, oh and you got this lovely smell of bread. It was really nice. Yeah. Erm, and then opposite there were just… there was, erm… a newspaper shop, I think. Yeah, there was. Er… but I think they’d been damaged, the others, during the war and they never seemed to get repaired, the other little bits and shops, until you got onto the Coventry Road and there was a chemist on the corner. I can really always remember that ‘cause they had those big glass, coloured glass bottles in the window. And then a bit further along there was the dentist, we used to call him the butcher… erm. And, as I say, and opposite that then on the main road was the terminal for the tram, tram buses and the big…Sw, erm, Swan pub on the other corner. Yeah, they pulled that down too.

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