Introduction To The Histories At Hobmoor Learning Resource

These lesson guides are intended to provide a possible route into a very rich source of heritage learning material for the children who live and go to school in Yardley, Birmingham UK. With a little imagination you can develop these to be relevant to any local area in the country and contribute the memories and histories you collect to the Histories at Hobmoor Interactive Map and Website. These lesson guides are not meant to form a scheme of work, and as such the lesson suggestions do not have National Curriculum references, learning objectives or success criteria. Rather, we invite you to use these a framework to launch an engaging heritage project with your students.

We have pulled out five broad themes

  • Schools
  • Parks and Play Spaces
  • Local Hero
  • Houses and Shopping

Which are illuminated by the memories of people who live in the area, some of whom are newly arrived, and some whose families have lived in the area for several generations. Exploring these themes, through discussion and debate, will enable children to consider the ways in which their area has changed, especially since the end of World War 2, and to contemplate ways in which it could be improved. The final theme, Our Community, provides an opportunity for children to bring together their thoughts about their own role in, and responsibility for, the place where they live.|The lesson suggestions can be used independently, as a class resource, in tandem with an exploration of the Histories at Hobmoor app; however, the work would be enormously enhanced by some field work, especially to explore the parks, play spaces and shops mentioned in the oral histories. It would be a great shame if the children missed the opportunity to hear the voices belonging to the transcripts, which can be easily accessed through the app and the website, and get a real sense of the individuals who gave their time and their memories so generously to this project.

There is scope here to make links to children’s learning in history, geography and English. I have included some suggestions for activities and extension work, but I’m sure that class teachers and their children will have many more suggestions – there are huge opportunities here for a creative response through art, drama and photography. The suggested reading uses fiction, poetry and picture books, so that children have the opportunity to think about and discuss the deeper themes within each lesson.

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is a partnership project between Mercurial Arts Charity and Oasis Academy Hobmoor, funded by Heritage Lottery Fund. Its aim is foster a love of heritage and deeper community connections in Yardley, enabling both adults and children to learn about their heritage and share their stories of moving to, and living in this area. The project has collecting stories, oral histories, photographs and 3D scans of objects from local residents as they share their memories of Yardley which can be found on the website, where you too can contribute and upload your memories.


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